Sexto Sol


A message from the Sexto Sol Center, Chiapas, Mexico

Helping people work together for the good of their families, communities and the Earth

At the Sexto Sol Center we share Edward James Olmos’ vision of the human family as being one people, the Human Race. On a planet with abundant resources to support life; poverty, hunger and conflict over resources should not exist. Yet humanity has yet to figure out how to make things work so that everyone can thrive. As we see it, the work to be done to help shift things towards sustainability involves helping people live better, and also attempting to have impact in the moment that choices are made that perpetuate the problems that still exist in our world. Life is Sacred. See below to learn about our on-going work and how we are taking our service to the next level.

Permaculture – fair trade – education human rights – cultural survival – disaster relief

Since 1997 Sexto Sol has been working in solidarity with indigenous communities in Chiapas and Guatemala to provide technical assistance and strategies to improve their quality of life. At our Escuela de Agroecología y Permacultura Tierra Linda we’ve taught over 1,500 people how to grow nutritious food organically. With the help of incredible volunteers and interns from around the world we carry out our award-winning programs to address the challenges facing the people we serve including:

• Assisting coffee farmers and artisans to sell internationally
• Improving household nutrition with family gardens
• Supporting instruction of threatened native languages in the schools
• Improving buildings and creating libraries for rural schools
• Providing strategies to heal and protect the watershed.
• Training doctors to treat trauma after natural disaster
• Advocating for policy that respects human rights and all life

Bringing healing to survivors of humanitarian crisis – International Partners for Healing

International Partners for Healing is a collaborative effort that we created to bring the promise of body-mind therapies to communities in crisis. It is our way to help people who are suffering from the impact of natural disaster, poverty, war or the pressures endured from refusing to back down when it comes to protecting the Earth.
While there still is a lot of density in our world, the good news is that there are therapies that are very effective for helping people move beyond traumatic stress. IPH is an alliance of professionals who are innovators in these therapies. In order to get help to the most people, we provide training to healers in the communities so that they can help their own people. Some incredible people have shown up to be part of this effort. We believe that alleviating emotional suffering and trauma in large populations is one of the most important contributions we can make to uplift the entire human family.
Making change starts with believing that a better world is possible. At the Sexto Sol Center, we know it is possible.
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