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Jason Mensinga 

Wow great site love it well I am BIG battlestar fan have been since the 1978 version and yours as well in fact rewatching as i type for the 5th or 6th time I live here in the Vancouver area so the show holds dear to me for that alone what a great piece of work you did in that show it truely has gone on to be a great drama set in space well i won’t keep you, keep on with the great work that you do

Bambi Guyer 

Hoping you are having a great Father’s Day with your family. God Bless you.



Hector m. Gordils 

I met you too many years ago, I worked for KMEX TV 34 Editor – Cameraman * Floor Director… I wish you Well….

Bambi Guyer 


Just wanted to thank you for all that you do for others and setting a wonderful example for our young people today.
I want wish you&your family a Safe and Wonderful summer.

God Bless you.



Mario Badua Jr 

I have always enjoyed your work on screen and behind the camera. I hope your doing well and also your family also, you are an older brother I wish I had.

warm regards,
Vista, CA


Dear Mr. Olmos,
Just passing by to say hello, from another fan in Brazil. I miss Battlestar Galactica everyday; the music, the ambiance, the characters, everything. I write every now and then to Ronald D. Moore begging for another run, another moovie, another miniseries, anything. This is now a distant dream to me: to see the cast of Galactica reunited. I dare to say that this show was a life changing event for me. Never forget.
Best regards,

Rigoberto Castillo 

Thank so much for meeting at C2E2 in Chicago. It as been a dream to meet and take a picture together with my nephew José. Hope to see you saludos y muchas gracias.


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Robert Baeza 

Fyi. Mr Roberto Baeza owner for over 50yrs of La Poblana Mex resturant in Los Neitos on Norwalk bvd.

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