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Elizabeth Viganas 

Thank you for being an inspiration to the Hispanic community. I was just compiling information on your life to kick off National Hispanic Heritage Month next week. God bless and may you continue to flourish in all that you do!

Linda M. Collins 

Greetings from my soul.
Thanks for sharing your time with us. Thanks to your friends and family for sharing your time with us as well. Hope to see you again because I do not remember thanking you for your gracious moments of photo ops
`regards, Linda Collins.

Donnie Cariker 

Hello Mr. Olmos. First I would like to thank you for all your time given to us over the years. You have always been a favorite actor of mine. I also find that particularly interesting seeing as supposedly you and I are related. My mother’s, Virginia (Vicki) Mata, her mother’s name Zulema Cantu, father’s name was Eliazar Mata. He and his last wife, I believe her name might’ve been Mary, I’m not sure. lived in San Francisco. During Christmas vacation of 91-92 my mom, dad, and myself went to visit Eliazar’s side of the family up and down the coast and in Arizona and such. When we arrived at her home we were looking around her beautiful house and I came upon a picture atop the mantle. It was of you and Eliazar together somewhere. I had mom ask her about the picture assuming he simply had the opportunity to cross paths with you and asked if he may take a picture with you. She told us no that you and him were cousins. Believing it to be true, she had no reason to lie to me, I was immediately ecstatic with the idea of being related to one of my all time favorite actors. I lived in the Memphis, TN area at that time, but I now have a family of my own and live in metro Atlanta. Last year we went downtown to catch the Dragon-Con Parade and got to see you. I’m not one hundred percent of if you remember or even heard me at the time, but when you was directly in front of us I shouted out “PRIMO”. I want to say that you heard me because you looked directly towards me at that time, although I’m sure during something like that that there’s so much that’s just coming at you. I’ve been checking in on Dragon-Con this year and don’t see that you’re going to be able to make this year. I was hoping to have the honor of finally getting to meet you even for the respect of such a fan as we’re trying our best to be able to actually make the Con itself. Again I just want to thank you for all the great years and may God The Father continue to bless you and watch over. Thank you, sincerely Donnie Cariker.

Fernando Rodriguez 

Huge fan, have always wanted to sit down with and talk. I first met you after my deployment from Fallujah, you were at the LA airport. I got to talk to you briefly, during our small conversation I couldn’t believe that I didn’t take a picture. Hopefully this time around I’ll remember…….lol

Marlea Haugen 

So excited that you’re going to be on Agents of SHIELD! I miss seeing you on the screen.

Wilfield Marchany 

I have BDs of all seasons of BSG and find your representation of Adama superb. Your portrayal of a father-leader figure with his virtues and defects made the character come to life. Your Adama overshadowed Lorne Greene’s Adama of the original series. As a young boy I used to admire Greene’s Ben Cartwright of the Bonanza series and his Adama kept me hooked also, but no doubt Mr. Olmos you were born with that gift!

Bambi Guyer 

Congratulations on your new project Chasing Satellites. Awesome can’t wait to see it. Have a Safe & Happy 4th of July!!!

God Bless…



Rinor Mujaj 

In honor of one of the greatest actors, one of the greatest activists for life, to one who inspired generations, to Edward James Olmos.

Jason Mensinga 

Wow great site love it well I am BIG battlestar fan have been since the 1978 version and yours as well in fact rewatching as i type for the 5th or 6th time I live here in the Vancouver area so the show holds dear to me for that alone what a great piece of work you did in that show it truely has gone on to be a great drama set in space well i won’t keep you, keep on with the great work that you do

Bambi Guyer 

Hoping you are having a great Father’s Day with your family. God Bless you.



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