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nike tn pas cher
You have amazing thing these.

Forgive for the incorrect translation... The person making the best changes to life by the efforts is worthy sincere respect. Your projects are very interesting and valuable.

Bambi Guyer
I just wanted you to know the acting in GoForSisters was Awesome. Can't wait to see MNA7. Hope it's coming out soon. Have a wonderful evening. God Bless. SoSayWeAll.

Bambi Guyer
Hope everyone exercised their right to vote today. Have a wonderful evening. God Bless.

Hello Mr. Olmos, im glad to find your side. Im from germany and I just want to tell you that I loved your kind of acting in MIAMI VICE! Thats why I whatched every part of it. The 80´s and 90´s where a special time in my live and MIAMI VICE and specially your way of acting where part of it. This time will never come back, but every time I see MIAMI VICE or hear the wonderful music of Jan Hammer the feelings come back, my heart is getting warm and i remember this beautiful years... I hope you stay well and god bless you! Many greetings from germany, Susi

Bambi Guyer
Don't forget to say prayer for those who have fought & died for Our country. Remember those who r still serving here & overseas. God Bless all Our Men & Women in uniform. SoSayWeAll.

And I want to thank You for your participation in the enormous project of "Battlestar Galactica" . Thank you very much for your participation! And waiting for new projects,very exciting.

Heather Calvert Cuizon
Mr. Olmos I am fairly positive you would not remember me but I remember you. Back in the 1980's you spoke at Sybil Bran Institute for Women. Better known as Los Angeles county jail for women. You spoke about "It do'es not matter where you are from", that it's the choices we make not the chances we take that control our destiny. After all the other inmates left and you were still there a Sargent Terri who believed in me let me talk to you. I declared to you " I am changing my life" and you looked me right in the eye and said "whats your plan"? I told you (thank god I had one) and you challenged me to do the action not just the talking. Well I never went back to jail again. I moved got married, divorced moved back to LA and I've been a Counselor to help people change the direction of their lives for 8 going on 9 years. I am finishing a degree and mentioned our encounter and how it was a turning point in my life. I have Counseled hundreds of people. I thought you should know. My Sociology classmates wanted to blame the neighborhoods for basically everything...that's when I told them the how, when, and where I met you and everything I remember about your inspirational message. Thank you for spreading hope. Sincerely, Heather Lynn Cuizon CADC11 P.S. It really shut them up! lol

Amanda Vasquez-Alcazar
Usted es un orgullo Hispano, gracias por todo lo que hace en honor a la raza.


Bambi Guyer
Mr Olmos I would like to wish you & your family a Happy Thanksgiving. I have so much to be thankful for this year. Family, friends and church family that I truly love. As I get older I realize how much my Dad has influenced the decisions I have made in my life. I'm so thankful to have him in my life. I miss him. But I know I'll see him on the other side. Thank you for inspiring the next-generation. There is only one RACE. God Bless you. SoSayWeAll Admiral. Thanks for listening Bambi

Happy Thanksgiving to You and Your entire team!

Jordi Lavado
Dear Mr. Olmos, Was so nice to meet you last weekend in Toulouse convention. You were so nice with the people, always saying "thanks for comming" to everyone who came to see you and so friendly giving hand, hugs and smiling all the time. Even after hours and hours there. I want to say THANKS to you, for being like you are, great actor and amazing person. Has been a honour to know you, you have a huge heart. With all my best wishes Jordi Lavado

Few days left before the magic of the holiday - Christmas! I want to wish You good health,great friends,love, and many moments of wonder in Your life. You have a beautiful and strong look,a sincere bow to You!

Bambi Guyer
Mr Olmos I want to wish you & your family a Merry Christmas & a safe & Happy New Year. I hope one day you will be speaking in Pennsylvania. Maybe you can post when & where you are speaking here on your website. Just a suggestion. Thank You for listening. There is only one RACE. SoSayWeAll God Bless Bambi

Bambi Guyer
Mr Olmos Well another year gone. As they say the older you get the faster it goes. They aren't kidding. I tell my friends children to enjoy their high school years. They think I'm a little crazy & old. They laugh. I said don't laugh one day you will be my age. They are great kids. I tell them they can be whatever they want to be. To shoot for the stars. I think parents push the kids into college before they know what they want to be. It has to be something they love to do & have a passion for. It took me awhile to find my passion. Mine is working with individuals with special needs. The best feeling in the world seeing them accomplish their goals It can be something small to you & me. Just to see their faces its the greatest thing in the world. It gives me goose bumps. Sorry got I to rambling on. My prayer & wish for you is a safe & healthy New Year my friend. There is only one RACE that is the Human Race. SoSayWeAll! God Bless you. Bambi

Here come the New 2015! Time flies quickly. Want to wish good health for years,and it is most appreciated. Good company for all holidays. Let You are surrounded by warmth and comfort. Take care of yourself! And be happy!!!

Bambi Guyer
Mr Olmos Congratulations on your new role on Agents of SHIELD. Can't wait to see it. I love the show. I watch it on Netflix. I know you will bring so much to the show. You have a wonderful weekend. Be safe and God Bless. There is only one RACE that is the Human Race. SoSayWeAll!! Thanks for listening. Bambi

Very glad that You have chosen for the role in the film the S.H.I.E.L.D. Hope You will be there not in the mask,because Your face is very nice to look at.You are interesting person and a wonderful actor. Waiting for the show to look forward!

Paul Morales
Thank you for being a great role model for all raza...God Bless

Bambi Guyer
Mr Olmos Hope you are having a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend. It's snowing here and it's to 35 below tomorrow. I'm trying to think warm thoughts. I think the whole East coast is ready for SPRING right now. You have a wonderful day with your family. God Bless. There is only ONE Race. SoSayWeAll!! Bambi

Bambi Guyer
Mr Olmos I would like to wish you a Happy Birthday. I pray for another safe & healthy year. May God Bless you. Please take care. There is only ONE Race and that is the Human Race. SoSayWeAll!!! Bambi

Ted Donald
Mr Olmos..just a small note about what pleasure I have had in watching you in films over the years. That's it...from a substitute teacher in Visalia California. Blessings and health to you! Ted Donald

janet los
love you, you do good!!!

Claudinei Barboza Lopes
Sou fã da séria Battlestar Galactica..

Bambi Guyer
Dear Mr Olmos I hope you & your family have Safe & Blessed Memorial Day weekend. It is a day to honor those we lost & those that are Still fighting. Thank You for all that you do for our Vets. God Bless you There is only ONE Race that is the Human Race.SoSayWeAll !!! Bambi

Hi EJO! Thank you for coming to Fan Expo last year, it made the weekend just fantastic. Never had I attended a panel with such a powerful message and agenda. Hope to see you again at a con in Toronto! chrisy

Rosa K Pela
I just love Edward J Olso as Escalante in the movie, 'Stand and Deliver'. I am a teacher and I am inspired. Wish I could meet you in person?

Brian McGhee
I have been a fan since the days of Miami Vice(Your STARE freaked everybody out) and Blade Runner. I am a NAVY Vet and let me tell you, you play ADAMA with the knowledge of a battle group Commander spot on. Loved the series and and many other works that you were involved with. So Say We All. Thank you.

Mahalo Mr. Olmos for coming all the way to Hawaii. We loved meeting you and you have definitely left an impression on my two daughters. God bless you sir and may you return to the islands soon. Aloha. Here is a link to the interaction you had with them.

Katherine Camilo Atlas
Hello, went out to breakfast yesterday, and low and behold you, were at the restaurant. I didn't want to interrupt you for an autograph, but I did want to thank you, for your contribution to the Latino community, with all of your great shows, movies and contributions to Hollywood you are a great actor. Blessings to you and yours.

Deon Smith
Hi , I am from Vereeniging in South Africa , Battlestar Galactica have been around here for a long time , but I just finished watching the final episode on the blue ray box set that my wife bought online for me last year Christmas. It is the best tv series I have in my collection and you and the whole cast made an amazing show , you are the best !!! from Deon

Leon Q. Clarke
Yo, Mr. Olmos! We first met at one of your rallies back in 2013. Then I ran into you at The Filly Brown Premiere and recently I saw you up on Sunset Boulevard. I had mentioned Hill Street Blues The Movie to you. My boy Tony Arguien is a wiz when it comes to hammering out a screenplay. You should see this guy work. It's like magic time! Anyways, I know you are a busy man, so I'm going to cut to the chase. I would like to come up and see you sometime with my client. He's rewritten the blueprints for all cop shows! And he wrote MIAMI VICE THE BEGINNING after our 'elevator pitch' at I AM 39. You were so cool as Lt. Castillo! My client would like to speak with you regarding collaboration with Olmos Productions. He writes poems, songs, screenplays, and teleplays. We could come up and meet with you and he could do his pitch. My cell number is (XXX) XXX-XXXX. That's a direct line to me. I look forward to hearing from you and I anticipate a lucrative professional relationship with you. Thank You, Mr. Olmos in advance for your attention to this matter. -LQC

Andrew Roberts
Mr. Olmos, I just wanted to express my heartfelt thanks for the kindness, respect and genuine warmth with which you greeted my older brother Joe this last weekend at your signing in Santa Clara. Your recognition of his service as a Vietnam Vet was more important to him than you could know and I honestly think it was healing moment for him. Thank you so much. God bless you.

Profesor Galope
Sr. Olmos, Gracias por sus inspiraciones. My three inspirations for becoming a Spanish teacher in Compton: My homies from Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic school growing up, Los Lobos and Eddie Olmos. From "Stand and Deliver" to "Selena." My students are always like "that guy is in every movie you show Galope." My reply, "I know, right?" On behalf of all teachers, we raise una horchata grande en tu honor.

Hector Gomez
Mr. Olmos, first I would like to say I enjoy your movies very much. Stand and deliver is in my top ten. The reason I am reaching out to you is this. Back in 1981 I met you at East LA collage and you where kind enough to take a picture with me and at the same time Q-VO magazine also took the picture. I was 12 years old at the time and it was awesome seeing my picture with you in the magazine. In case you ever wondered who the kid was it was me now im 46 years old. Back then we had 3 copies of the magazine and we have no Idea where they are at. On Sunday I went to e-bay and found someone who was selling it. I hope I get the bid it ends today. I was wondering if I do get the magazine I would love for you to sign it for me. back in 81 you signed a piece of paper for me and I still have it. My uncle back then played in a band called Mix Company, Sly Slick and Wicked also performed and so did Johnny Chincas. My uncle is good friends with Rudy Salas of Tierra my uncles name is Michael Chavez. If there is a way to get your signature I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time

Melissa Schmidt
I feel as if I just came home. I have highly enjoyed BSG and Miami Vice for many years. I truly value your high standards that you yourself live by and while on the shows that you worked on. Tell you what, you would have been the best Klingon Officer outside of Michael Ansara who played Kommander Kang. Heck yes! Survive and succeed. When you were on Miami Vice, no one got in your way of getting things done and in an honorable fashion. You are for sure on tough hombre! Guess that is why you are loved by millions! So say we all!

Jan Waga
It's a real pleasure to watch your performance in the Battlestar Galactica series. It feels a bit strange to say - but I think watching the character you play can elevate one to be a better person. Thank you for this show. Best regards sir and many greetings from my wife and me from Lublin, Poland.

Kristin Scott
Hello Dear Sir, I met you more than a year ago at a ComiCon Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah with my husband, Richard. He passed away shortly afterwards. You signed an autograph to both of us on the front of a BSG DVD cover. It is one of the few things I have left that is for both he and I. Most of the cards, letters, etc. of the past 20 years were lost or thrown away when my family cleaned out my house, but your message survived. I have it out, and I look at it every single day, and I remember how happy we were to meet you. Thank you so very, very much for providing me with such a wonderful memory. Love You, Kris

Anthony M.
Mr. Olmos, Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. You've been one of my favorite actors for a very long time and I grew up watching you in various productions. Often we fans forget to just say thanks for being awesome. So thanks! Sincerely, Anthony M.

Judith Irwin
Dear Mr. Olmos, After a break of several years, my husband and I are *re*watching all of Battlestar Galactica and it is just as gripping as it was the first time. I don't think any other SciFi has achieved the level of BSG in its intelligence and depth. Thanks and love it! Judith & Richard

Jamie Arpin-Ricci
Message passed on

Joe Brozenick
Dear Mr. Olmos, I became acquainted with you during your days with Miami Vice. My father was a Marine, and I always liked the way your character spoke softly and carried a big stick. Your interpretation and 'the look' you would give Sonny and Rico to put them back on track often reminded me of my father. I came to Florida in the 80's and acted a bit in local theatre, and once in awhile got called up to do equity seasonal stuff. Nowadays I work for a local education administrator, but laugh at the commercials I see, telling my spouse "I could do that!" It is never too late. I did some radio before and enjoyed that, and sing at open mics anywhere, I learned to play guitar in Catholic church as a kid. If you are ever in Miami again, give me a call or e-mail me. I would love to have dinner with you, a bucket list thing for me.

Peter Allen
The Recaptcha tool doesn't appear to be working properly. Can you please provide me with contact information? Thanks so much.

Radu Prodan
I watched again - I guess it was 10th time - the Battlestar Galactica show as it was the first time and, as every other times, I was absolutely and purely amazed by the realism you gave to Admiral Adama character. Indeed the cast was brilliantly chosen but it is your amazing acting giving the show its perfect quality and credibility. Thank you for giving all of us a masterpiece of acting and for being capable so set a model to follow for many of us.

Robert Baeza
Fyi. Mr Roberto Baeza owner for over 50yrs of La Poblana Mex resturant in Los Neitos on Norwalk bvd.

Message passed onto Mr. Olmos Office

Message Passed on to Mr. Olmos Office

Rigoberto Castillo
Thank so much for meeting at C2E2 in Chicago. It as been a dream to meet and take a picture together with my nephew José. Hope to see you saludos y muchas gracias.

Dear Mr. Olmos, Just passing by to say hello, from another fan in Brazil. I miss Battlestar Galactica everyday; the music, the ambiance, the characters, everything. I write every now and then to Ronald D. Moore begging for another run, another moovie, another miniseries, anything. This is now a distant dream to me: to see the cast of Galactica reunited. I dare to say that this show was a life changing event for me. Never forget. Best regards, Vinicius

Mario Badua Jr
Mr.Olmos, I have always enjoyed your work on screen and behind the camera. I hope your doing well and also your family also, you are an older brother I wish I had. warm regards, Mario Vista, CA

Bambi Guyer
Hi EJ Just wanted to thank you for all that you do for others and setting a wonderful example for our young people today. I want wish you&your family a Safe and Wonderful summer. God Bless you. SoSayWeAll... Bambi

Hector m. Gordils
I met you too many years ago, I worked for KMEX TV 34 Editor - Cameraman * Floor Director... I wish you Well....

Bambi Guyer
Hoping you are having a great Father's Day with your family. God Bless you. SoSayWeAll!! Bambi

Jason Mensinga
Wow great site love it well I am BIG battlestar fan have been since the 1978 version and yours as well in fact rewatching as i type for the 5th or 6th time I live here in the Vancouver area so the show holds dear to me for that alone what a great piece of work you did in that show it truely has gone on to be a great drama set in space well i won't keep you, keep on with the great work that you do

Rinor Mujaj
In honor of one of the greatest actors, one of the greatest activists for life, to one who inspired generations, to Edward James Olmos.

Bambi Guyer
Congratulations on your new project Chasing Satellites. Awesome can't wait to see it. Have a Safe & Happy 4th of July!!! God Bless... SoSayWeAll!!! Bambi

Wilfield Marchany
I have BDs of all seasons of BSG and find your representation of Adama superb. Your portrayal of a father-leader figure with his virtues and defects made the character come to life. Your Adama overshadowed Lorne Greene's Adama of the original series. As a young boy I used to admire Greene's Ben Cartwright of the Bonanza series and his Adama kept me hooked also, but no doubt Mr. Olmos you were born with that gift!

Marlea Haugen
So excited that you're going to be on Agents of SHIELD! I miss seeing you on the screen.

Fernando Rodriguez
Huge fan, have always wanted to sit down with and talk. I first met you after my deployment from Fallujah, you were at the LA airport. I got to talk to you briefly, during our small conversation I couldn't believe that I didn't take a picture. Hopefully this time around I'll Fernando

Donnie Cariker
Hello Mr. Olmos. First I would like to thank you for all your time given to us over the years. You have always been a favorite actor of mine. I also find that particularly interesting seeing as supposedly you and I are related. My mother's, Virginia (Vicki) Mata, her mother's name Zulema Cantu, father's name was Eliazar Mata. He and his last wife, I believe her name might've been Mary, I'm not sure. lived in San Francisco. During Christmas vacation of 91-92 my mom, dad, and myself went to visit Eliazar's side of the family up and down the coast and in Arizona and such. When we arrived at her home we were looking around her beautiful house and I came upon a picture atop the mantle. It was of you and Eliazar together somewhere. I had mom ask her about the picture assuming he simply had the opportunity to cross paths with you and asked if he may take a picture with you. She told us no that you and him were cousins. Believing it to be true, she had no reason to lie to me, I was immediately ecstatic with the idea of being related to one of my all time favorite actors. I lived in the Memphis, TN area at that time, but I now have a family of my own and live in metro Atlanta. Last year we went downtown to catch the Dragon-Con Parade and got to see you. I'm not one hundred percent of if you remember or even heard me at the time, but when you was directly in front of us I shouted out "PRIMO". I want to say that you heard me because you looked directly towards me at that time, although I'm sure during something like that that there's so much that's just coming at you. I've been checking in on Dragon-Con this year and don't see that you're going to be able to make this year. I was hoping to have the honor of finally getting to meet you even for the respect of such a fan as we're trying our best to be able to actually make the Con itself. Again I just want to thank you for all the great years and may God The Father continue to bless you and watch over. Thank you, sincerely Donnie Cariker.

Linda M. Collins
Greetings from my soul. Thanks for sharing your time with us. Thanks to your friends and family for sharing your time with us as well. Hope to see you again because I do not remember thanking you for your gracious moments of photo ops `regards, Linda Collins.

Elizabeth Viganas
Thank you for being an inspiration to the Hispanic community. I was just compiling information on your life to kick off National Hispanic Heritage Month next week. God bless and may you continue to flourish in all that you do!

Cynthia G
Just wanted to say I have always loved your acting style in everything you've done. I first saw you in a movie called "Wolfen" many years ago when it first hit the screens. Loved your work in BSG, also a favorite! Peace to you Mr. Olmos and kindness.

Clifford McILwee
Thank you for your years of dedication to the entertainment industry. I am and always will be a fan of the Battlestar Galactica series and believe that it has been the best use of television to date! I have served in the Marine Corps for 20 years and with the Corps for 21 years more as a civilian and you have portrayed the part of a military officer better in my opinion than most that I have served with. Again thank you and Semper fi

Thank you Edward for all the years of great acting. Of course my personal is Commander/Admiral Adama.

Gene Waken
Ed My first appreciation of your acting skills came in the early 1980's when I (first) saw Stand and Deliver. I am now 78 years old, grew up in Lynwood and Watts where, as a Lebanese-American kid, I had no real roots, tended to gravitate to the blacks in Watts cause they were simple to understand, their culture was, food and friendship. And, I found them to be trustworthy. Tonight, home alone as my wife is out with friends, I watched American Me ( We have left California for Nogales, Arizona and now have a home in Alamos, Sonora as well). Your roles have enlightened me as to life in East Los Angeles. The young Mexicans in L.A. In my youth were perceived as sub human punks, young misfits with a singular gratify their ego. While I dated a couple of Mexican American girls from the area, I wasn't (ever) invited to their homes....further advancing the negative images. Your roles have opened my eyes and my heart to the sagas of Chicanos in the metropolitan areas of this country. My life in Mexico has taught me humility, kindness, patience and true gratitude for my countless blessings. My life in the Napa Valley has shown the dignity of the Mexican worker, who is used, disrespected, under compensated and discarded when the work is finished. Further, the plight of the immigrants here along the border is gut wrenching. All that said, and quite spontaneously, my hope is that you will endeavor to "introduce" the Mexican people to the general population as honest, hardworking and loyal people who serve our country well in most of their endeavors. They have so much to contribute to our culture. Ciao...gene

Charlotte Benitez
My Husband and myself have always been fans of yours wishing you continued Success and great health to you and your familia. .God bless Louie Charlotte Benitez

Delia Hinojos
Thank you for signing Americanos book on October 29, 2016 at the Quiet Cannon. I wanted the Pachuco poster but were sold out.

Robert A. Gonzalez
Live2 Love & Love2 Live.


Hope to see you in the limelight- You're still needed... We need your voice, your wisdom and inspiration.

Bambi Guyer
Congratulations on receiving the Mary Pickford Award. You are so deserving of this Award. May God Bless you. There is only ONE Race that is the Human Race. SoSayWeAll my friend... Bambi

John Susino -Montebello
Hi Mr Olmos, just wanted to drop by and say hi, I live in the same town were you grew up, I meet you several times at the Ouiet Cannon were you were the honored guest, my family also knows your best friend, Jay Nomura from M 's Flower, I'm a very big fan of yours, I remember when I lived in Miami I use to see you sometime at this restaurant called Mario the Bakers, keep making and acting in all the great movies your in. Thank you

Stephen Solotist
I have enjoyed all your work, but as a sci-fi buff, the work in Battlestar Galactica was fantastic. A complex role and a complex situation. A dark yet highly inspirational and spiritual series. Thank you for that work in BSG which we will turn to again and again ( bought the disk set) I wish the Admiral was our leader now, to guide our path in unsettled times. All the best wishes to you. So Say We All!

Claudia Abrego
It would be an honor to work with you in such an amazing project. Mayans MC. Claudia Abrego Best,

Linda Michell Collins
Missed ZOOT SUIT party. Hope it was fabulous for all. When is your next event? Love Linda Michell

Bambi Guyer
Dear EJ Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow. I hope you can enjoy it with your family. Once again Happy Birthday have safe & healthy one dear friend. Keeping you in my prayers. I'm hoping someday I can get to meet & hear you speak. Needless to say you are on my bucket list. God Bless. There is only One Race that is the Human Race. SoSayWeAll!!!! Thank You... Bambi

Happy birthday Mr. Olmos!!! Today is my birthday also. God bless you!

Paul Knapp
Happy 70th Birthday and thank you for providing such wonderful entertainment to so many. - SSWA

Kerstin Giesel
Happy Birthday to you ! You`re not getting older - you`re getting better every year.

Deborah Schrader
Happy Birthday, Eddie! 20 years ago today I was standing on Hollywood Blvd with you as president of your fan club when you received your star. Well...I was in the crowd, anyway. I miss the days we had the newsletter going, but time and technology move on. Hope you had a great day. I know you'll keep up the good work. All my love to you on this special day!

Dr. Alfred Ramirez
I'm embarking on a new journey. In the preparation stages. I am open for any possibilities that may lead to a transformation.

Danilo Lopez
I had the honor of meeting Mr. Olmos in Miami Beach several years back. I would be thrilled to help organize the Festival in Miami. Thank you!

Maxine Greco
Hello Mr Olmos, I met you once at the Houston World Film Festival about4 years ago. Just wanted to say hello. Maxine Greco

Maxine Greco
Hello Mr Olmos, I met you once at the Houston World Film Festival about4 years ago. Just wanted to say hello. Oh yes, I just turned 70 in January. Maxine Greco

Francesco Contu
Why am I such a bad teacher? I speak some english and I don't understand why my students are having such a hard time grasping the material.

Bambi Guyer
Dear EJ Congratulations to you on having Santa Ana Film Academy for honoring you by naming the program after you. I know that it is a great honor. I want thank you for giving back so much to the arts & film industry. I only have one thing on my bucket list. That is to hear speak & to meet you in person. I guess that's to things. I pray for your safe travels. God Bless. There is only One Race that is the Human Race... SoSayWeAll!!! Bambi Guyer

Maria Adame-Emery
You've always been one of my heroes since the day you started sweeping the streets of L.A. after the riots and now I am even more a fan after your work at my alma mater, Santa Ana High School. Thank you for all you do!

Stacey jagerson
Hi I met you last Sunday in sacramento at Wizard con. You were so nice to chat with me about the movie stand and deliver and me escalonte. You are an amazing actor and I just love the family because I am s teacher also. Thank you for the amazing words you put on the picture you gave me. I admire your acting and you approach to humanity. Looking forward to movies coming out this year. Especially blade runner. Blessing to you. Stacey

Bambi Guyer
Congratulations on your Lifetime achievement award. Wishing you the best. Have safe & a Happy 4th of July. Thank You for everything you do. God Bless You. SoSayWeAll!!! Bambi

Scott Musoff
Thank you for being so kind to my family at eternal con at the Nassau Coliseum today! You have touched us all. Blade Runner miami Vice Stand and Deliver Selina BattlestarGalactica and more have reached 3 generations- you were incredibly kind and generous this day and it will not be forgotten as my wife and children were awestruck! Thank you for an amazing body of work thus far! Can't wait to see what's next!

Bambi Guyer
I would like to wish You & your son Michael the best on your new movie project. I can hardly wait to see Windows on the World. I always get excited to see your projects. You put all you got into the characters you play. Especially the true stories. Thank You for sharing what you do best. How to put your heart and soul to characters & projects. You project that on the screen. You totally ROCK. I relate it to how I feel about working with individuals with disabilities. an how it makes me feel when they achieve a goal that they have working. To see their faces it is so Awesome. Sorry I'm rambling. God Bless You. There is Only One Race that is the Human Race. SoSayWeAll!!! Bambi

I just read Edward James Olmos would star in a follow on to Sons of Anarchy. I can't wait, great actor, great premise, great time. I live in LA and one of the memories I have was the LA riots, we could see the smoke in Torrance. I remember watching local TV a day or so after and there was EJO with a big push broom, factory floor kinda push broom, cleaning up the riot damaged streets. THis was the not the celebrity at the homeless shelter at Thanksgiving photo op, this was guy who gave a xxxx about the community.

Edmundo Bennett Durell
Felicidades por su premio Platino, su discurso nos emocionó hasta la médula. Nos emociona ver que persona con raíces Mexicanas dignifique el oficio del cine, el arte mas completo, como usted lo ha logrado. Saludos de parte de familia con las dos raíces que forjaron como pocas a los Estados unidos, este su servidor de padre Anglo enamorado de México, y madre cinéfila que de pronto recordaba a Dolores del Río,... Enhorabuena y bendiciones Sr Olmos

Sahand Pouladi
I have watched your movies since I was 14 Im 48 now and I can say you are an actor with the most debth and intensity I have ever seen, the climax of your acting was in BSG where you delivered an Oscar winning performance, only if TV would be rated by the Oscar committee! you are an AWSOME EJO !! SSWA!!

You are a gifted human being. I've followed your career since "The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez." Bravo, my friend!

Arkie Ace Padilla
I been watching your series for many years, i enjoyed and respect you.

Sandra Hoecker
So nice to find your web site. I have really enjoyed your movies and you! You are a really nice person! Keep well and keep up the great work! Sandra

Shavonne Turburville
I was just trying to find out what your twitter handle was, and saw that I could leave a message here on this guest book for you...and well. I just had to stop and say something. You are an incredible actor and are someone that people should look up to. I know that Admiral Adama is not you, but I can't help but think that the character would have resonated so deeply as a fatherly type figure, if the character and you were much disparate. Obviously, because your character in Dexter was clearly a character you were playing. I hope I am being understood, I sometimes find it hard to put into words the things that go on inside my head. My biological father just passed away due to a heart attack, and even though we were estranged for a large portion of my life, he had finally gotten himself together and was in touch with me in a way that let me know that he was trying to be the father he never had the opportunity to be. It was sudden and I am having a hard time dealing with his passing, but I remember how awesome you were as Adama, and I think that I am going to start watching (for the fourth time) the BSG series where you play a father, a leader, and a man with depth, whom we can all look up to. In my time online I have gained followers who are there because they see me as a motherly figure. I only hope that I can do them justice by living by example. Be blessed, Mr. Olmos, and thank you for following me on twitter. Seriously an amazing moment for me when that happened. Lots of love, Shavonne.

Matthew Knight
I enjoy your work and greatly admire your social consciousness. MK

You're my most favorite BattleStar Commander and I'm very keen to see you again in Blade Runner.

Carmen-Marie Zens
Just exploring your work - I am exited and touched, thank you. Kind regards from Germany sends Carmen-Marie (1980)

jon bowers
I've followed your career for years, from Miami Vice on. You're a great actor. Just saw Bladerunner 2049 and I loved seeing you again. So say we all.

Mi muy estimado y distinguido Señor Olmos .. Le mando a Ud. mis saludos, un abrazo fuerte, y un deseo sincero de mi alma que todos sus hijos estén bien. Regardless of who we are, where we're from, or what we become, it's our children that bring us our greatest joy, right? I truly wish you all the best my brother.

Bambi Guyer
I want wish You & Your family a Merry Christmas & a safe Happy New Year. Thank You for everything you do for communities and Country.SoSayWeAll. Bambi

Marlene Sanchez
Hello Edward! I just saw "American Me" and it really make me cry. I saw Stand and Deliver when I was 12 and I loved it! I believe that you stamp your signature in every Role you play! You are an inspiration! By the way, I am Mexican, living and working in Mexico. Now I am 40 years old and I think that having this age, allow me to really understand your "American Me" film. Congratulations again!

Bambi Guyer
Just want wish you a safe and Happy Birthday!!!! Have a wonderful day....SoSayWeAll my friend.

Peggu Wright
Happy Birthday, Mr. Olmos. I hope you have a wonderful day. Many happy returns.

Susan Gerace
Hi, Eddy How are you?? Remember a couple of years ago, we meet at Epcot ( Disney World) we were walking by & you & your friends were waiting in line at the Italy Pavilion for a cup of coffee- We even had our pictures taken together.?/ Are you going to speak this year at Epcot's Processional of light show?? Would love to see you again there!! If & when you can lease get back to me o.k. Please e-mail me!! Thank you very much!! and please, please, say a prayer for my husband, he has cancer (leukemia) But - He is doing o.k. w/ it !!

Dan Thompson
We are your biggest fans! Thank you for everything!

Kari Cruze
Mr. Olmos. I just wanted to thank you. My husband and 2 daughters were at Heroes and Villain Fest today in Nashville. My husband is an army vet with PTSD. It took a lot for him to take our daughters because he doesn't do well with crowds. Before he left he said he hoped he would be able to at least meet you. You are a personal hero for both of us. One of the reasons I teach is from watching your movie Stand and Deliver. My husband has always loved your work but this is one of his favorites. It was what inspired him to buckle down and persevere in his studies. You not only took the time during the meet and greet today to speak with him but also gave him an autograph and a selfie. You made him feel comfortable and for that I greatly thank you. You made his day for him just to meet you but made his year with the autograph and selfie. I wish I could have been there just to see his face. Unfortunately, these tests won't grade themselves so I stayed home. Again, thank you for being an inspiration and such a down to earth person.

Bambi Guyer
Your daughter's artwork is beautiful. I know you are very proud of her. God Bless You both. SoSayWeAll. Thank You for all that you do my friend. Bambi

Cynthia Esco
I just want to say to you Eddie is how very PROUD of you and what you stand for. I love that fame has not changed you. Your a true ICON. I love your work and all you do. I am very HONORED, PROUD, THANKFUL, AND BLESSED TO HAVE SUCH A GREAT HUMAN BEING AS YOU ARE TO BE ABLE TO HAVE AND SAY EDDIE? YES THATS MY COUSIN. ❤❤

Roland Miller
I saw that one of your charities is Homeboy Industries. As a Language Arts teacher, my class read a short article about the great work they do. It was an inspiration for my students, who are incarcerated and need all the positive influences they can get. Thanks for your work, both in the film industry and community.

Fred DiMeo
I just wanted to stop by and tell you I enjoy your acting and roll on Mayans. One hell of an actor. Peace

Bambi Guyer
Congratulations on receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award. You are so deserving of this Award for all of your achievements & all that you do for the movie industry. You have helped so many. Thank You for all that you do. You are the best. I'm totally amazed. I hope that some day I will get a chance to meet you in person. I keep you in my prayers always. Be safe & God Bless You EJ. SoSayWeAll!!! Bambi

Linda M Collins
I am very pleased that you got a lifetime achievement award for giving your help, heart, and time when called for. For the many who wanted to be there November 2, 2018 but couldn't make it, I held them in my heart for you. Congratulations Edward

Chris Blais
I have seen Stand and Deliver multiple times, and each time I learn something new. Each time I watch the film I gain a new insight on how to not only connect with people but how I may be a beacon of change. The research and dedication that is done on your part with regards to the roles and stories that you take on is also an inspiration. It shows a level of commitment to "the craft" that I aspire to have. Thank you. With love and respect, Chris Blais, 32yrs old, Chino Hills CA.

Bambi Guyer
You & Your family are in my thoughts and prayers. So sorry for your loss. You will see her again on the other side. SSWA!! God Bless You...Bambi

Charmaine Friesen
“I am sure that if the mothers of various nations could meet, there would be no more wars.” E. M. Forster. A real mother makes this world a better place - even though at sometime they leave us... their influence lives on in their children - Continue as I'm am certain she already was ... to make your mom proud Edward James, that's the best tribute we can give to this who have sacrificed and instilled their wisdom in our lives. All the best to you and all those you love at this difficult time.

neal Smith
Watching Mayans and flashing back to the days at Montebellos Junior High . Good times :)

susan gerace
Just heard of your Mother's passing! God rest her soul, so sorry for your loss!

Raymond Canales
Just watched the 1st season of Mayans MC. Its a great story. Did not look to see who was in the show when i started. Then you appeared! i was all in. You are an original James and i enjoy your work. Keep those young latinos Inspired. the work I've seen on Mayans is definitely rubbing off on them. Good luck to you and Thanks. Sincerely, Raymond

Shirley Wilson
Mr. Olmos, I have looked for years for a copy of a doicumentary you narrated. It was called "Remember My Name" Would you have any idea how I could attain a copy? Thank you, Shirley Wilson

Kerstin Giesel
So sorry for your loss. My heartfelt condolences !

Susan Robertson
I have been a fan since Miami Vice (Castillo was my favorite character) and was thrilled to meet you at DragonCon here in Atlanta a while back. Hope some day you'll come back.

Bambi Guyer
EJ I'm keeping you & your family in my prayers this Holiday season. Holidays are ruff for me to since my Dad & Mom passed away. We always stayed home on Holidays because they always worked away holidays were for families. I know what your feeling. Because I feel it every holiday season. Remember that you are never alone. Wishing you & your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Be safe & God Bless You all. SoSayWeAll!!!!

Michael Haluska
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Bambi Guyer
Happy New Year my friend. Wishing you & your family the best for 2019. God Bless You. Be safe in your travels. SoSayWeAll!!! Love Bambi

Johannes Steg
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