Olmos Productions began in 1980 with the production of The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez. Started by Actor/Producer/Director, Edward James Olmos, the company continues to produce many landmark films such as Stand and Deliver for Warner Bros., My Family (Mi Familia) for New Line Cinema, American Me for Universal Studios, Roosters for American Playhouse, and Mirages for MCA/Universal, and Walkout for HBO. It has also produced several documentaries, including Lives in Hazard, which focuses on gang violence, and It Ain’t Love, which deals with the issue of date violence. These productions are the first two of a three part series on violence in America and its impact on youth. The third production will deal with gun violence. Olmos Productions is concerned with the high level of violence in our society and committed to doing its part in addressing this issue.

    Olmos Productions is proud of its community service record. Throughout its history, it has helped to produce hundreds of public service announcements. The company is also involved in extensive outreach projects in communities across the country, ranging from gang and domestic violence to AIDS awareness. In 1999, the company produced Americanos: Latino Life in the United States a multi-platform project that chronicles the lives and contributions of the diverse Latino culture in the US. It included a traveling tour by The Smithsonian Institute, a photo book, a feature length documentary on HBO, a concert featuring Gloria Estefan, and a music CD featuring the contributions of 50 years of Latino rhythms on American music.

    The company is moving into its next phase of evolution. As it aggressively develops projects to service its TV deal and its feature film division, it will launch into the new media markets this year - offering its unique multicultural mandate to the emerging market of cutting edge technologies and entertainment.


    Olmos Productions maintains its commitment to developing works that will stand the test of time and will be as relevant in the future as they are on the day they are presented. The company creates culturally diverse programming for feature film, television, documentary, and new media focusing on the full tapestry of human experience. Olmos Productions believes that a good, entertaining, and compelling story can resonate throughout our collective experiences and affect lives. Olmos Productions strives to create commercial properties with substance.
    Dealing with ourselves as human beings inter-relating with one another, and trying to understand ourselves and each other better, is a critical component of the projects Olmos Productions undertakes. Our goal is to advance the humanities through the usage of the art. .

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    It is the long-standing policy of Olmos Productions not to accept, but rather to reject the submission of ideas without prior authorized invitation. The word ideas in this context includes all creative suggestions, artwork, designs, theme park attraction concepts, game proposals, scripts, treatments, manuscripts, and songs, in whatever form, from whatever source, and however communicated.
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